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Owning your own private swimming pool is a wonderful thing. It’s a terrific spot to relax, cool off or just enjoy some peace and quiet. Pools are also an excellent place to host parties and entertain guests. The reasons to install a pool at your home are simple enough to appreciate.

However, if you own an elaborately designed residence, the standard peanut-shaped or boxy pool will not suffice. Building an uninteresting, ordinary pool at your house won’t improve the appearance or do much to improve the value of your investment.

You need a pool that blends with the charms of your residence. Here are two pool design ideas, which will provide you with hours of endless enjoyment. In addition, these exotic pool designs will make a visual proclamation that perfectly accents your spectacular home.

An Ancient Roman or Greek Chateau

As impressive as it might be, if your home is from the Colonial period or has ultramodern architectural lines, you may not want a pool that looks like an ancient Roman/Greek spa. However, there are a number of home designs where this majestic theme would blend perfectly with the décor.

You can include extravagant mosaics around the deck, reminiscent of the Greek and Roman cultures. Another idea is to incorporate magnificent stone columns, which present the impression of a spacious, ancient bath fit for royal dignitaries.

Your pool could include decorative ideas based on Greek Mythology or use inspirations from the Roman era. But with modern features and accessories, your swimming pool will still be a place of relaxation.

A Proverbial Tropical Paradise

Living in a tropical paradise is a popular dream, so using a tropical theme for your swimming pool can build these pleasures of paradise right into your home. Nothing says the tropics like surrounding your swimming pool with landscaping beds overflowing with tropical foliage. However, the shape and features of the pool itself are important too when trying to portray a tropical paradise.

When you’re working out the final blueprint, an expert pool contractor can help incorporate flowing lines into the pool’s shape. The pool design might also include a waterfall, built-in sliding board, or even an island filled with tropical foliage in the middle.

Don’t assume you’re restricted to a few plants, haphazardly placed around your pool deck. The ideas for a tropical-themed pool are extensive. Tropical themes are also one of the easiest to blend with many architectural designs.

If you live within the greater Seattle, Washington area, you can sit down with an expert pool designer such as KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas. They specialize in exotic pool designs and have a knowledgeable staff, who can take your ideas and turn them into an exotic highlight for your home.

Don’t just put a peanut-shaped hole in the ground and fill it with water. Add an exotic pool to complete your special home with this magnificent masterpiece.

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