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As the weather starts to cool off and the leaves begin to fall, you may think it is time to call it quits for your swimming pool. While it is true that there is plenty of maintenance to be done to your swimming pool, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy it for a little while longer.

In fact, fall maintenance is essential to ensuring that you are able to continue enjoying your pool for as long as you can. After all, you are going to be dealing with decreased temperatures, less sunlight and a whole lot more debris.

With that being said, here are five maintenance tasks that you will want to perform on your pool this fall.

1. Regularly Remove Debris

With the seasons changing, you’ll have a lot more debris in your pool than ever before from falling leaves and limbs. Some debris can be removed off the top of the pool water with a leaf net. The debris that you don’t get will make its way to the strainer baskets, which you will need to clean out regularly to avoid clogs.

You will need to perform these tasks regularly to avoid the debris settling to the bottom of the pool. Otherwise, debris can result in the formation of algae as well as stains that are hard to remove. If your pool is located in an area where there are numerous trees, it may be a good idea to invest in a pool cover for when the pool is not in use.

2. Clean Your Filter

With more debris in the pool in addition to colder weather, it is imperative that your pool filter is clean. Otherwise, your swimming pool’s filtration system will go into overdrive if it has to deal with a dirty filter. This isn’t good on the filtration system, nor is it good on the pool water itself.

If you have the proper cleaning supplies, you can clean your own filters or have your filter cleaned by a pool professional.

3. Vacuum Your Pool

To help maintain pristine water, you will want to vacuum your pool on a regular basis throughout the fall. You should vacuum the bottom of the pool, ensuring that you overlap all strokes. Make sure you clean the tiles and walls, as well, to remove any built-up debris and scum.

4. Keep an Eye on Pool Chemicals

Regardless of the time of year, it’s crucial to watch your pool’s chemical levels. These levels include everything from pH levels to chlorine. During the summer months, you normally have to increase the amount of pool chemicals that you use because of the increased use and evaporation; however, as the temperatures get colder, you can expect to use less.

5. Service Your Heater

If your swimming pool is equipped with a heater, then now is the perfect time to have it inspected and serviced to ensure that it is functioning properly. Over time, it is possible for calcium deposits to build up and cause the heater to become less effective. Heating components can also become dirty and age over time, resulting in the need for replacement. And lastly, debris can cause clogs, leading to inferior heating, diminished water flow and other issues.

As the temperatures drop, a properly functioning pool heater is especially important. Good fall maintenance will ensure that your heater works well by taking care of problems before they arise.

Regardless of whether you need assistance with fall maintenance, pump repair or winterizing your pool, the experts at KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas are at your service. Contact us with your questions or concerns or to schedule an appointment.

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