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A swimming pool is a luxurious addition to any home. However, many homeowners are going beyond just adding a pool to the backyard. In fact, they’re making the pool the centerpiece of a relaxing entertainment complex. Such a design gives their backyard the feel of an oasis getaway typically only found at a resort. Their getaway includes both the practical and aesthetic amenities.

Transform your backyard into your own personal resort getaway by creating an entertainment complex.

Design a Custom Pool Shape

Some resorts feature uniquely-shaped pools. KrisCo Aquatech Pools can design and build a custom pool for your backyard. Some of the many styles to consider are lagoon-style pools, Mediterranean style pools or beach-entry pools. You can customize your pool to look more like the natural pools found in nature as well.

Many luxury resorts create custom shapes to accommodate landscaping. For instance, they’ll have curves extending into the water that features planting beds. Their pools may even have a private niche in each curve of the pool. If a niche is near the planting bed the bathers can have shade while lounging in the pool.

Include Pool Landscaping

On the topic of plants, it’s essential to build landscaping into any style of pool you have installed. Contractors can build a custom design of flat and raised planting beds and even tall planters. Not only does this give your pool a naturalistic look, the landscaping gives you privacy.

When you’re choosing plants for your pool area landscaping it is wise to select plants that are native to your area and it can be helpful if they do not overhang the pool which will minimize the dropping of leaves and needles into the pool. A Landscape Architect may also be a great resource.

Add Pool Lighting

Custom lighting is another way to give your pool a resort feel. One light in the deep end really isn’t enough, at the minimum, you should consider a light at both ends. This offers a continuous flow of illumination under the water. Color LED Lighting is another one of many lighting options.

In addition to the basic pool lighting, it’s important to illuminate structures around the pool. This may include stairs, posts, and railings. What’s more, you may also want to illuminate any pool add-ons, such as grottos or waterfalls.

Build a Cabana

You and your guests will appreciate a space for escaping the sun while lounging poolside. A cabana can be a three-sided or four-sided structure with a roof. It’s a relatively simple construction, but it really adds to the resort feel of a pool.

When designing the cabana, choose materials that match or complement your house’s façade. Likewise, position it both for access to the pool and for aesthetics. For instance, you might position the cabana so that existing trees provide a backdrop. Finally, include internal amenities, like furniture, fireplaces and outdoor kitchens that will enhance your pool environment.

Consider a Swim-Up Bar

Speaking of amenities, another addition worth considering is a swim-up bar. Some important considerations for your swim-up bar are the height of the seats and the counter as well as what material they additions should be made of. The seats will be submerged, while the counter will rise up about six inches above the coping. For the selection of the countertop material, consider if the counter will be predominantly in the sun or in the shade. If the counter isn’t shaded, porous material will prevent the counter from getting overly-hot.

Swim-up bars are typically located in the shallow end of the pool but can be in the deep end as well. When choosing the location, make sure bathers will have an easy, comfortable exit from the bar stools to the decking. Combine any of these amenities to create a backyard getaway.

Professional pool contractors can help you make your dream getaway a reality. Talk to the expert team at KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas about your ideas for a backyard swimming pool oasis.

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