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Washington natives know the long, rainy winters seem like they can last forever — but when summer finally arrives it’s time to get outdoors.  As temperatures start to climb, pool owners relish the opportunity to enjoy the sun in their backyard oasis.

A sparkling clean pool looks and feels great — but debris from your yard, leaves, birds, and other pests can mar that image. These issues can cause disease, make your pool unattractive, and shorten the life of your pool equipment, railings, and deck. This guide lists some of the things you need to know to keep animals away from your swimming pool.


How to Keep Birds Out of Your Pool Area

Your water may attract birds like ducks and geese. These birds may land on the water, splash around, and (before you can shoo them away) leave droppings in the water and around the pool deck. Ducks and geese may even make your property a regular stop in their seasonal circuit. Other birds might like to congregate in your trees and leave droppings in or around your pool.

If only it were as simple as posting a sign to keep birds away from your water. Fortunately, you can still send a clear message to ducks and other birds. Try some of these methods.

Make Your Yard Seem Scary and Uncomfortable

Birds will be less likely to hang out at your place if it is uncomfortable. Consider installing a few deterrents around your pool and pool deck that are designed to keep birds away, such as sonic devices, motion-activated sprinklers, or even decoy predator birds.

Don’t Provide Lots of Seating

Bird flocks mean lots of droppings, so take a look at the seating around your pool area. Tall trees and shrubs are a natural perch for birds, and thick shrubbery allows them to hide and nest. You can’t completely prevent all birds from entering your yard, but you can eliminate excessive droppings by clearing out the places birds would want to inhabit.

How to Keep Animals Out of Your Pool

Other pests like your pool too, not just birds. Mice, raccoons, and other wildlife can foul the pool water with their droppings. Follow these suggestions to prevent these uninvited guests from making a visit:

  • Use bird deterrents. The presence of predatory birds and lack of surrounding foliage make other animals uncomfortable as well.
  • Don’t store animal feed or other types of food near the pool, as this attracts rodents and pests.
  • Keep outdoor garbage lids tightly closed to keep the smell from attracting pests.

To prevent animals from entering the water, consider installing a fence around the pool or adding a pool cover. In addition, you could also place a pet ramp in your pool, which will help animals exit the pool safely so they don’t drown.

How to Keep Yard Debris Out of Your Pool

Clearing boatloads of twigs, leaves, and other yard litter from the pool before each swim session isn’t fun. However, unless your yard is completely hardscaped, organic stuff will always end up in the water. Fortunately, the landscaping immediately surrounding your pool makes a big difference in the amount of debris ending up in your pool and deck.

Try to avoid growing tall trees and shrubs immediately next to, or arching over, the pool area. While these trees may provide pleasant shade, they aren’t worth the giant cleanup. Pay attention to the types of trees as well — and avoid anything that sheds more than just leaves during the year, including:

  • Flowers
  • Seeds
  • Fruits
  • Twiggy stems

In addition to making a mess, this debris can attract birds as well as bees, wasps, and other insects.

Keeping your pool free from yard debris, animals, and birds will make your pool more relaxing and inviting. Contact our team at KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas for more information about pool maintenance or for help cleaning your pool.

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