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Heating a pool costs money. If you are concerned about how much energy it costs to heat your pool, reduce the amount of energy required to keep your pool comfortable with these steps.

Reach the Right Temperature With Your Pool

Figure out the range of temperatures that feels comfortable to you and pick the lowest end of that range. For most people, that’s around 78 degrees Fahrenheit, though if you have small children or elderly loved ones, your pool may need to be 80 to 82 degrees. Once you’ve decided what temperature is best, make sure your heater is set to automatically heat the pool only to that temperature, and no higher.

By being mindful about when you run your pool heater and how high you set your pool’s temperature, you can start saving money now.

Cover Your Pool

You can keep the pool warmer for longer by using an automatic cover. This cover provides insulation that not only traps heat, but also acts as a safety feature, which gives you the benefit of lower energy costs and a safer pool area.

The automatic cover, also called a safety cover, uses a series of tracks around the pool to automatically cover the pool when it’s not in use and retract when you want to swim. Many of these covers can support the weight of a child, making your pool safer for your own kids or any children who visit your property. While automatic covers tend to be more expensive than some other options for covering a pool, they’re better at reducing the amount of heat lost.

Maintain Your Heater

Like all appliances, your heater will be at its most efficient if it’s in good shape. Make sure that your swimming pool heater gets serviced and maintained regularly so that it can do its job.

If you are ready to take the plunge and have a swimming pool installed for your home, contact us at KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas. We not only install swimming pools, but we also perform swimming pool repairs and maintenance.

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