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Adding a pool to your property is the perfect way to create a true destination space that you and your guests will love using again and again. However, including the right custom pool addition will take your space to the next level of comfort and luxury. So, what can you do to make your pool really stand out? Here are five fantastic ideas for any style of pool

Walk-In Entrance

A walk-in (or “beach”) entrance can be the perfect addition to make the pool—as well as the deck or patio space—more usable for more guests. Mimicking the ability to wade into warm ocean waters, this type of ledge entrance to your pool is perfect for dipping your toes in while lounging or enjoying cocktails. A walk-in entrance keeps swimmers cool yet comfortable, and it’s a great place for younger kids to frolic safely.


A dip in the water refreshes you on hot days, but even swimming can become uncomfortably hot in the middle of summer. Enrich your pool experience and protect swimmers from the sun by adding a shade feature on one side of the pool. You may opt to install a large pergola that extends over the water, plant trees that provide shade, or include something removable, like a sail shade or even an extended umbrella.


A water feature turns your pool into a stunning piece of outdoor architecture when it’s not in use, effectively increasing your pool’s value in the yard. Bubbling or cascading water can also drown out unwanted noise from the surrounding neighborhood. Waterfalls and similar water features come in many styles, sizes, and effects, so find one that matches the architecture of the pool and the tone of the surrounding landscaping. Looking for simplicity and a modern look? Add small sluice waterfalls facing the home. Want an eye-catching accessory? Add a water wall on one end of the pool for guests to swim under.

Rock Grotto

A faux rock grotto makes a pool look more natural and gives you a lot of options to make more use of the space. A faux rock grotto is simply a niche of large, realistic-looking rocks placed in a natural setting that makes the pool feel more like it belongs in the wild. Here are some examples. You may or may not want to include a waterfall. A small grotto can add visual appeal to the setting, but a large grotto can do more—such as providing a private, swim-in retreat hidden from the world. Full-size faux grottos can be much more than pool add-ons: they may have walk-in entrances, hidden rooms, or even well-stocked bars inside.

Swim-Up Bar

Turn your backyard into a resort by adding a swim-up bar, which is a bar attached to an edge of the pool. When you have a swim-up bar, your guests will be able to relax and enjoy drinks without even getting out of the pool. With relatively minor renovations, many existing pools can have a swim-up bar added on. You’ll need seating in the water, which could be stools under the water line or just a ledge attached to the side. Create a covered bar by digging down on the other side of the pool wall to a level where you can stand on the dry side of the bar and be at the same height as seated swimmers. Any of these luxurious add-ons will undoubtedly make your custom pool fresh and fun no matter how long you’ve had it. And the best place to start is by talking with a professional contractor with experience in custom pool design and renovation. Together, you and your contractor can find just the right new feature to take your pool—and your whole yard—from drab to fab!

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