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You use your spa on a regular basis to relax your sore muscles or to simply enjoy the bubbling, soothing water. Your spa is an essential part of your home’s landscape, and with proper care and maintenance, your luxury spa should last up to two decades.

However, you still need to take steps to maintain your spa. Here are signs your luxury spa needs professional attention.


Your Spa Water is Unclear

Your luxury spa’s water should always be clear, even when the jets are on. If the water is murky, discolored, has a film on its surface, or has a foul odor (like rotten eggs or mold), then likely either your spa’s filter is not operating as it should or your spa’s pH levels are off.

Your luxury spa can experience water issues if you get into your spa with perfume, oils, or lotion on your body or allow foreign objects in the water. Always shower or rinse off prior to getting in your spa, and only use spa-approved cleaning chemicals in the water. If you don’t know how to properly clean your luxury spa, your pool and spa specialist will show you what to do.

Your Spa Isn’t Drained and Filled on Schedule

Your spa should be regularly drained and refilled on a specific schedule, based on the number of users in your luxury spa and how many gallons of water the unit holds. For example, a 400-gallon spa that holds up to four people should be drained nearly twice a month.

Your pool and spa specialist will give you a draining and refilling schedule for your spa. If you haven’t been following this schedule, make an appointment with your installation specialist to drain and refill your spa for you. Your drains, filters, light fixtures, jets, and other components will be inspected during your service visit for any minor issues that can be repaired prior to refilling your luxury spa.

Your Spa Jets Aren’t Working

If any of the jets inside your spa don’t work or work only sporadically, the motorized components in your spa may not be working properly or debris may be blocking one or more of the working jets.

Check each jet individually to see which ones are producing the proper water movement and which are not. Report any operation issues to your pool and spa specialist.

Your Spa Lights Aren’t Working

There are many reasons why your luxury spa’s lights aren’t working. Issues with the switch can make all the lights fail to work. Some lights may operate while others don’t, indicating faulty or burned-out bulbs.

A spa light fuse can also be blown due to age or other issues. Since light problems in your luxury spa are electrical in nature and require a diagnosis in order to treat, don’t replace any spa lights on your own. Allow your pool and spa specialist to inspect your spa’s lighting structure to find out what is wrong with your system so the right repairs can be made safely.

Remember, you should always leave your spa covered when not in use. Check the pH levels in your luxury spa at least twice a day (more often if the spa gets ample use). Never allow more people in your spa than the unit is designed for, and always supervise children while they are in your spa.

Spa maintenance and care will help your unit last longer and bring you years of enjoyment. To preserve the quality of your spa, have any issues addressed by our team of specialists at KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas. Schedule an appointment for spa inspection today.

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