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Like many Americans, you may love the idea of having your own backyard pool to enjoy. However, not all pools have to look the same, and pools fulfill many types of roles, from beautifying your yard to giving you a place to exercise. You have many options, especially if you work with a custom pool designer like KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas. Pick the perfect pool by thinking about what you want your pool to provide you with. If you keep reading, we’ll help you get started on designing the pool of your dreams.

1. Tropical Paradise

When you think of a pool with a tropical style, you probably envision the large and picturesque pools most commonly found on island retreats or the grounds of five-star hotels. You can re-create this luxurious style in your own backyard and install a pool that beautifies your yard and helps you relax. You can re-create the feel of the tropics with lush, closely grouped plants such as palms, grasses, lilies, and gladioli. These plants double as effective screening that creates a secluded feel to your pool area, making it feel like your own private paradise. The key to getting this style right is having an organic, rounded shape to the pool. Use a bright, light-colored pool lining material to recreate the azure blue of tropical lagoons. Finish off by using natural stone to landscape the area around the pool, reminiscent of the tide pools found on tropical island retreats.

2. Simple and Sleek

Many modern homes embrace the sleek, minimalist style popular with architects and interior designers. This style is ideal for many homeowners who crave simplicity: it’s uncluttered, unobtrusive, and won’t draw too much attention from other parts of your backyard that you’d like to emphasize. If you want a large pool that can be used for both exercise and play, without being too flashy, this style could be perfect. Stick to sharp, clean angles, and opt for a traditional square or rectangular shape for the pool. Use light-colored materials such as sandstone or limestone, which will provide simple elegance as well as a less imposing look. This style is perfect for running right alongside your home, providing a beautiful outlook from your living space for you to enjoy.

3. Deep and Meaningful

If you want a beautiful, luxurious pool without taking up excessive amounts of valuable backyard space, a plunge pool might be the perfect solution. This style of pool takes up a small amount of square footage, but still allows you to fully submerge yourself to beat the summer heat. These are ideal for courtyard gardens—you can tuck your escape anywhere in your landscaping, making plunge pools extremely convenient. Plunge pools are small in width and breadth, but very deep. So, while you won’t be able to swim laps, you’ll still be able to use your pool for water-based exercise, such as aqua-aerobics. If you have small children or like to sit and relax in your pool, include a shallow ledge along one side of the plunge pool.

4. Long and Thin

Maybe you want a pool primarily for exercise purposes. If the plunge pool sounds like the opposite of what you want, try its natural opposite: a lap pool. Long and thin, a lap pool will give you the exact shape you need for exercising without taking up extra space, making it the most convenient type of pool for serious swimmers. They can also be installed unobtrusively along the rear fence, minimizing the amount of backyard space needed. Feel free to opt for one or two (or more) swimming lanes. Incorporating some shallow ledges at one end of the lap pool will make your pool more family friendly while still being a great pool for exercising in.

5. Family Fun Park

If you have older children or teenagers, then you might want a pool that will keep them entertained over the long summer vacation months. Use clever design features to make your backyard pool fun for everyone. The key to creating a fun water park vibe in your backyard is utilizing the space both on the ground and above it. After all, kids want to do more than swim laps—they crave the adrenaline rush from speeding down a water slide or jumping off a high dive. Waterslides, waterfalls, and diving boards will keep older children endlessly amused and take up very little space. You can even include a small, grotto-like cave behind a waterfall for kids to hide in. If you’re including a water slide or a diving board, make sure the pool is deep enough to dive or jump into safely. The depth required will depend on how high your diving board is and what style of diving board you choose. Work with a professional like KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas to make your pool both fun and safe.   It doesn’t matter if you want to install a pool primarily for relaxation, exercise, or fun—you can find a custom pool design that will work for you. If you’re unsure which style of pool will work best for your home, or if you’re struggling to decide on the best location for your new pool, then contact the helpful team at KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure you end up with the ideal pool for your backyard and lifestyle.

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