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If you have a small or oddly-shaped yard, you might feel that a pool just isn’t possible. However, many tiny yards can house a beautiful pool that is not only functional but also the visual focal point of the space. Don’t feel like choosing a small pool means you are settling for less than the best. Large sprawling pools are not always the best solution for your lifestyle. Pools don’t need to be large to provide a good time. Keep in mind that, unless you are frequently hosting large parties with avid swimmers, a small pool can easily meet your daily needs for a cool, calming swim. Smaller pools are easier to maintain, simply because there is less water to filter and less surface area to clean. A small pool can also be great for a tight budget—it costs less to build, chemically treat, and heat a small pool. For the average family, a well-designed pool will provide hours of enjoyment, even if the size is reduced. Here are some design ideas to consider when you only have a small space to work with.

The Plunge Pool

Do you prefer to just jump in the pool or tread water? A plunge pool could be just the right solution. Instead of a traditional pool that has both deep and shallow water, the plunge pool features a small design (usually square or circular) with water deep enough to fully submerge. You might think that only an in-ground pool is possible, but plunge pools can be made partially above ground to make excavating easier. The pool can be formed with concrete sides that allow for leverage during rougher play. A plunge pool is a great way to provide for jumping in and swimming without the extra square footage.

The Side Yard

You might not have much of a backyard, but maybe you have some green space to the side of your house that doesn’t see much love. To make the most of the space, consider designing the pool close to the house so you don’t have to waste space with a pool deck. You could open your patio door and hop right in, with merely a strip of deck or patio as a barrier. This style of pool obviously will require the work of pool professionals who consider engineering, pool drainage, and the protection of your home’s foundation. But with the right design crew, a side yard pool is definitely a possibility. For some homes, both sides of the house can be used for pool space with the two pools connected by a small channel that runs through the back yard space like a small stream. One side could be the deep end for diving and rougher play, and the other could be shallow end for sunbathing and gentle activities.

The Fence Sitter

If you’re the type to use the pool for lounging and sharing drinks with friends, or even for casual recreational activities, try building a pool that follows your fence line with a width of just a few meters across. You can elevate the pool and pool deck to create visual difference in the space, leaving the remaining patio and grass down below. Varying heights lend sophistication to the design. To make sure you make the most of this pool shape, provide lighting in the pool to really brighten the space, and choose a lighter pool liner or concrete finish to enhance the small size. If you do elevate your pool, be sure you install a pool deck fence to keep people from accidentally falling to the lower levels.

The Long Lap

If you’re not a lounger or a partier, are you consigned to swimming your exercise laps at the local public pool? Not necessarily. If your main interest is exercise, a single lane lap pool can fit into your small space. You don’t need the sprawling size to get a good workout. Instead, install the lap pool along the longest line of your property. It’s best if you can get at least 25 meters, but if you can’t, simply half that distance so you can easily count one lap (out and back) as 25 meters to more easily keep track of your swim time and distance. A custom pool design company can even tile the dark direction lines in the bottom of the pool of keep you on track. To make things more challenging, you could install a lap pool with an adjustable one-way current.

The Kitty Corner

A triangular shape pool can easily fit in a corner and allow for the pool deck to be built diagonally to the rest of the yard. This design choice is clever because it means the pool will seem larger than it is, and the long diagonal line will make the entire yard look larger.   For more ideas on designing and maintaining pools for small yards, contact the team at KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas.

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