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At KrisCo Aquatech Pools and Spas we design and build Free-form Natural style Swimming Pools and Spas as well as linear/geometric swimming pools in traditional styles as well as stunning “vanishing edge” styles. Linear or geometric pools provide a sharp, clean look that may be accomplished with some combination of the following design styles and features:

  • Clean straight lines
  • A basic or combination of geometric shapes (squares, rectangles etc.)
  • Concrete, brick, bluestone, flagstone decking
  • Bull-nose pavers or tumbled edge coping at the pool edge
  • Simple, clean, classic water features, deck jets and/or waterfalls
  • Ceramic, glass or mosaic tile at the water-line

A vanishing edge design will add a formal sophisticated look to any pool design.  Lighter colored pool interior finishes will tend to provide a pool with a more traditional look while a darker interior finish may provide a more contemporary look.  A formal/traditional pool may also be more appropriate if your landscaping selections have a fairly clean and formal style. Free-form or natural looking swimming pools tend to have a more relaxed and natural look.  This can be accomplished with some combination of the following styles and features:

  • Free flowing rounded curves and natural shapes
  • Concrete, brick, bluestone, flagstone or natural stone decking
  • Use of natural or natural looking rocks or boulders
  • Natural looking waterfalls, grottos and slides
  • Natural looking water-line tile

The natural looking pool is enhanced by lush and plentiful landscape and ground cover.  Darker interior finishes will provide a natural “lagoon” type look.  A beach entry is another great feature to consider that will add a natural look to the pool design.

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