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Having a beautiful, well-maintained swimming pool makes life more fun. Sometimes you may want to accentuate how fantastic your pool is with a few extras. If you’re planning a big event at your home, consider these tips for adding special touches to your pool.

Add Colored LED Lighting to Your Pool

Colored LED lighting can add a dramatic difference to the aesthetics of your pool area without requiring a big investment. Imagine guests being mesmerized by the color of your pool as it changes all the colors of the rainbow. Swimming pool lights also make swimming at night safer, which is a must if your big event is held at night.

If your event has a certain theme or even a color scheme, you can coordinate your LED lights to match it. For example, if you are throwing a big bash for the Fourth of July, you can easily coordinate red, white, and blue lighting for the pool area. LED swimming pool lights use far less energy than traditional incandescent lights, so they’re an all-around good choice.

Keep Life Jackets of Various Sizes on Hand

When you are having a party that is centered on the swimming pool, keep life jackets on hand. That’s especially important if you are having an event with kids. Young guests may see the pool and want to go in, but they may not know how to swim. To keep everyone safe, keep life jackets on hand so that everyone can enjoy a fun dip in the pool.

Life jackets don’t have to be a downer, and keeping them on hand can even add to the aesthetic appeal of the area. You can store life jackets in outdoor storage bins with a nautical theme for the party. If that doesn’t work, just keep them inside near the pool and get them out as needed. And, if you’re inviting canine guests to the party, you can even get life jackets for dogs.

Add In-Pool Furniture for a More Relaxing Environment

Encourage your guests to lounge and enjoy the pool with in-pool furniture. Not only does in-pool furniture look great, but its functionality enhances the experience for all guests. Sure, you can include some inflatables in fun shapes like dolphins and unicorns, but more secure furniture signals that it’s time for some serious relaxation.

If you have your pool designed with a Baja shelf, you’ll have a great starting point for adding in a variety of just-immersed furniture pieces. If you anticipate guests who just want to lounge and tan, you may set up the shelf as a tanning area. A series of in-pool chaise loungers can be a great accompaniment to a pool party, too.

Make Your Pool More Accessible

If you’re inviting guests with a variety of abilities, making your pool more accessible is the right thing to do. It shows your guests that you care and want to make the event enjoyable for all who attend.

If you will have a lot of young guests or guests who are not very experienced with swimming pools, handrails are a must. They can help prevent slips and falls when guests enter and leave the pool.

Pool lifts are another great way to make your pool more accessible. Pool lifts empower people with various levels of mobility to soak up the sun and enjoy the feel of the cool pool water. Handicap lifts may not make sense unless you know that a guest will need one, but they are a sound investment if you anticipate differently abled guests using the pool in the future. You can choose a pool lift that allows you to remove it when it’s not in use.

Set Up a Themed Snack Table by the Pool

Make it easy for guests to enjoy a swim and then to savor yummy food and beverages. Set up a themed snack table by the pool. That can add to the jovial party atmosphere. Try to keep things fun and festive with themes such as mermaids, sailing, or sea exploration. You may even set out snacks in dishes shaped like shells or boats.

Add Glass or Porcelain Tile to Your Pool

If you have plenty of time before your big event and want to invest in a long-term improvement to your pool, one of your best options to beautify your pool is to add glass or porcelain tile. Tile can be used in the waterline, steps, floor, finishes, and other aspects of your pool.

Whether you want to throw a big gala to celebrate an anniversary or have an impromptu block party, your swimming pool can be the star of any backyard gathering. Add special touches to help accentuate your pool. Contact KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas for everything from swimming pool installation to renovation to repair and maintenance.

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