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When you have a swimming pool, you need to consider the pool in all your landscaping decisions. Your landscaping can affect your pool and vice versa.  The information here will explain how your pool and landscaping can collide if you aren’t careful in the designing of your yard.

Some Trees Can Endanger Your Pool

Trees with large roots that are too close to your pool can cause problems if the roots start to grow into the side of the swimming pool. If the roots start to cause damage to the pool, then you will need to have the tree removed and the pool repaired. Depending on the extent of damage, the repairs can range from mild to a serious undertaking.

Too Much Pool Water Can Harm Trees

The amount of pool water that gets splashed around the yard doesn’t contain enough chemicals to damage your landscaping. But large amounts of pool water, such as the amount that comes out from a pool draining, can harm your trees and plants. There are safe ways to drain your pool including draining it a little at a time and draining it into the street, if this is allowed in the county you reside in.

Leaves Can Damage the Pool Pump

When choosing the types of trees and plants for your landscaping, consider the amount of leaves and/or needles they will shed. If the leaves and needles go in your pool, they can block the filter and/or strainer, which can cause damage to the pool pump. While you can plant the trees and plants away from the pool, the wind can still blow them into the pool.

Once your pool pump stops working correctly, it won’t be long before you will also be dealing with green pool water. When this happens, your pool service person is going to need to work extra hard to get your swimming pool healthy again.

Fertilizer Can Throw Your Pool Chemical Levels Off

You want to refrain from using fertilizer near the pool. While fertilizer is great for your lawn and garden, fertilizer is bad for the swimming pool. Most commonly used fertilizers have nitrates and phosphates in them. Nitrates and phosphates react badly when mixed with chlorine and cause algae to form in the pool.

Metal Can Stain the Pool

There should not be any metals present in your swimming pool water. Metals can cause staining in the pool and cause the plaster to turn colors.  If metals are present in the pool water, a stain and scale remover should be used on a regular basis to prevent staining.  All metals whether they are inherent in your source water or introduced to the pool water may cause staining of the plaster and should be removed.

Store your lawn furniture in a safe place when you go out of town. Strong winds can be capable of pushing lawn furniture into the pool where the furniture can make its way to the bottom, also causing stains.

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